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Artificial Grass & Turf Installation

Vicente’s Irrigation & Landscaping LLC also installs quality turf! We are one of the best artificial turf installation companies in Surprise, AZ, offering pet friendly turf, to enjoy outdoors!

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Lawn Care

As many people know, Arizona isn’t known for its abundance of grass! However, lawn care can be classified as a variety of things. Some of the many services we take care of are cutting, trimming bushes/trees, and mulching. We can also help out with watering the flowers and plants. The best work is the work you don’t have to do, so hire someone to do it for you so you don’t have to stand and work in 110-degree weather.


Lawn Irrigation

When it comes to irrigation, there are 3 different types; traditional spray, drip, and rotor. If you’re ever at a park and see pop-ups that start watering the grass are typically known as traditional spray irrigation. When it comes to drip irrigation, this is a form of irrigation that is constantly watering plants, veggies, or fruits that need small but consistent amounts of water. By installing this, it takes away the tediousness of managing a garden and adding in a drip irrigation system. Rotor irrigation can consist of pop-up spray, impact, gear-driven, and large turf. Knowing what the right choice for you is going to be all comes down to the cost and efficiency of each of the systems.

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Artificial Grass Installation/Fitting Contractors Surprise, AZ

Turf Fitting

When it comes to residential turf grass installation “near me”, we have a variety of options for people who want a more natural look in their yards but without the maintenance that comes with real grass. Real grass needs to be watered and trimmed; then weeds grow and need to be removed. However, turf does everything grass does, but just without all the work! This is also a great option for families or people that have dogs, dogs tend to dig in the grass or destroy it and leave dirt or dead grass. This all ends when you hire a residential artificial turf grass installation company in Surprise, AZ! Another great part about this is that the process itself is easy and doesn’t take long to implement into your yard.