Irrigation System Installation

YOUR IRRIGATION AND Landscaping Specialists

We use the best quality parts available for our irrigation system installations, for eg. schedule 40 PVC piping throughout the whole yard to prevent breakage!

Fountain Installation

Fountains are a great enhancement to any area to draw attention to the center of a yard or location. Fountains are big or even small and are a great addition into any area. Fountain installations can take a bit of time depending on the request, usually one full working day. However, the overall maintenance of a fountain is fairly low, and it adds so much.


Small Features

Small water features are always a great accent to any area, big or small. They are also more cost-effective due to their size. These add more depth and aesthetic to anything. These are also a great aspect to draw attention to one certain area of your yard, by adding a small feature in the general area it will only enhance it and help it continue to stand out.


Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems in Arizona are essential for upkeep of any real grass, and plants in the front or backyard. However, sometimes life can become extremely busy, and we don’t want to take an extra 20-30 minutes to water the grass/plants after a long day at work, especially during the summer. A great solution to this is to install sprinkler systems. By installing this, you can program them to run whenever you want for however long you want without too much work! The process of installing these sprinklers is also fairly simple and doesn’t take too much time, therefore this system can get implemented very quickly. You can even manually turn them on to let kids run in the sprinklers on a hot day!